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Voluntary Water Conservation Requested

Voluntary Water Conservation Requested

Dear members, 

I greatly apologize for the second email. Thanks to a few very aware customers, a flaw in the message was pointed out (thank you)!!!

The original message should have stated even/odd days of the MONTH (instead of WEEK). The concept is to create a maximum of an every-other-day watering schedule, with half of the customers on ODD and the other half on EVEN. Its not a perfect science since there are hundreds of different controllers on the market with an enormous variation of options. Many controllers though will have an ODD/EVEN option. 

This campaign is an effort to explain the current situation and promote conservation with the LESS RESTRICTIVE MEANS POSSIBLE and the goal is to avoid decreased pressures especially in the higher elevation areas. 

For those interested, a more in depth explanation of peak demand is as follows:
•	Peak days are Monday thru Friday
•	Peak hours are from 4:00 am to 8:00 am
•	Secondary peak hours are from 8:00 pm thru Midnight
•	Any variation from the peak days and/or times above will help everyone greatly

Thank you all for your patience and understanding!!!!!

Paul Tischler, GM

We are experiencing periods of extremely high demand due to current weather conditions. This is understandable. It's Texas, it's August, and it's HOT!!! There are certain neighborhoods in the system that have been experiencing low pressure during times of peak demand. There is plenty of water to go around, however, it seems that the majority of the population has their sprinkler system set to start at or near the same time, on the same days. 

At this time, Sardis is asking that our members VOLUNTARILY change their watering schedule to EVEN addresses on EVEN days of the MONTH and ODD addresses on ODD days of the MONTH. This will help to more evenly spread the peak demands throughout the system. 

To put this in perspective, think of Dallas rush-hour traffic. Next, think of half the population working every other day. The congestion on I-35 and I-20 would be cut in half. There are plenty of roadways when the traffic is spread out but not enough when everybody is going to the same place all at once!

This message also serves as notice of our Drought Contingency Plan STAGE 1. We are asking that irrigation systems and lawn sprinklers not be operated between the hours of 10:00 am and 6:00 pm daily. This allows our storage facilities to replenish during the heat of the day. Since the pumps run on electricity, it also allows us to remove a portion of the demand from the electric grid when the electricity is needed the most. By conserving when it’s the hottest, we can help the entire community. Compliance with this request is VOLUNTARY. This does not apply to hand watering, the use of drip/subsurface irrigation, or properly working soaker hoses. Also, we are asking that your sprinklers be adjusted so that streets and sidewalks are not being watered creating a stream of water running down the street or drainage areas.

Please stay SAFE, stay HYDRATED, stay COOL, and be careful during this extreme heat. 

Sincerely, Paul Tischler, GM

Somercrest HOA