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Peak Water Demand Explained

Peak Water Demand Explained

In last weeks email notifying you of Stage III mandatory water restrictions, I had promised a better explanation of what is currently happening with the water supply and a path moving forward. This explanation has been posted on our website and can be accessed with this link .
Once there, click on the “Peak Water Demand Explained” article.
While you are there, check out other articles of interest concerning lawn irrigation, water heaters, etc.

When you are reading the Peak Demand article, please notice the demand curves. According to our control and monitoring systems, it appears that demand at 4:00am is significantly higher than at any other time during the day. If your irrigation system is running at 4:00 am, please consider modifying the settings for start-time earlier in the night. This is only a suggestion and not a request!

I promise not to blow up your email box any further unless its an emergency or to let you know when restrictions have been rescinded. I want to personally thank each of you that have cooperated with our Stage III notice! It is unbelievable how much of a difference this has made.

Paul Tischler, GM
Sardis Water

Somercrest HOA